• GPA: 4.0

  • Weight: 155

  • Height: 5'9"

  • Mile Time: 4:48

  • Position: Attacking Midfielder



Dean Harper

A Little About Dean

Dean Harper (2005) is a versatile central midfielder who currently plays for IDA Valencia in Valencia, Spain, and USL 2’s Little Rock Rangers. Before IDA Valencia, Dean played for AFC Lightning (DA and MLS Next) in Atlanta, GA. Dean joined AFC in 2019 from Tormenta FC, where he spent most of his youth soccer career. Dean is a recent graduate of Statesboro High School, where he finished 4th in his class with a 4.0 GPA and started on the Varsity soccer team as a freshman and sophomore. [He spent his junior and senior seasons in Spain.] In addition, Dean has been a part of the South Carolina and Georgia ODP program (making the South Region Team) and Coerver Carolinas since 2017. Through Coerver Carolinas, Dean was invited to train with the Southampton Youth Academy in Devon, England. Following the Southhampton training, Dean was invited on a trial with Plymouth Argyle. Known for his outstanding technical ability and reading of the game, Dean dictates play through penetrating passes, diagonal switches of play, and aggressive forward drives. He is a significant threat in set pieces, providing dangerous deliveries from corners and pinpoint free-kicks.



First and foremost, I consider myself a dedicated Christian, my faith being the foundation of my inner strength. God's presence has been instrumental in guiding me towards where I am today, and I am thankful for His grace. Additionally, I have been fortunate to have the unwavering support of my parents, who have always remained my most ardent supporters and believers.

If I were asked to depict myself through one trait, it would be Resilience. My soccer career offers a testament to my ability to bounce back from adversity. Having suffered a serious injury at a young age that sidelined me for a considerable amount of time, I continued to support and cheer for my team through every single game, strengthened my knowledge of tactics, and systematically prepared my mind and body for my return to the pitch. With time and determination, I returned to playing at the same high level.

Several years ago, I made the bold decision to join AFC Lightning, even though it meant commuting for several hours each day. Although this required significant sacrifices from both me and my family, my game reached new heights and my academic accomplishments remained consistent. I credit this to my mental toughness, as well as supportive coaches and teammates.

I am now playing for IDA Valencia in Spain, and began my first season with the Little Rock Rangers (USL 2) in April 2023. As I advance in my career and navigate life’s challenges, I firmly believe that my resilience, determination, and faith will continue to help me achieve success and overcome all barriers.